No School? We have you covered!!

It may be a while away, but we are getting excited for our 2017 Summer Camp!!  

Children of all ages will be hosted to a season of food, fun and friendship! :)

Registration and fees will be on a TOTAL FLEX plan of affordable weekly and even daily rates.

"This ain't babysitting or childminding" ...Our programs are committed to quality and holistic care and teaching of children. Through on-going assessment, careful observation and respect for each child's level of growth and development, activities and participation centres are created.

Children have the opportunity to participate in decision-making, problem-solving, sensory exploration and small and large group interactions. Trained staff help to create learn-through-play situations. At all times, our aim is to foster each child's self-concept and a respect for feelings, ideas and property of others.

When weather and circumstances permit, children are taken to a variety of interesting places in the community. Parents receive prior notice and reminders of these activities.


Canadian Tire JumpStart Program - Sport & Recreation Fee Assistance

CTJS-Application-Form-2010.doc 134.5KB Apr 29, 2011 8:30 PM

The Canadian Tire Jumpstart program provides grants up to a maximum of $300 per qualifying child per session (i.e., spring/summer, fall/winter). Grants are provided directly to the non-profit or charitable organization coordinating the sport or recreational activity on behalf of the qualifying child. Since each child’s financial needs are unique, Canadian Tire Jumpstart’s contribution can be made for equipment, registration or transportation costs.  All approvals are the sole discretion of the local Canadian Tire Jumpstart chapter and designated Canadian Tire Jumpstart personnel.