Truck Raffle

After supporting the Northern Lights Health Foundation at the 2020 Festival of Trees, Suncor is donating some kid-friendly gifts from one if its successful bids so that the Boys & Girls Club can keep the giving going with a Christmas Raffle!
We’ll be raffling off two battery-powered Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ford F-150s that came with the Northstar Ford tree Suncor brought home from the Festival last month.
There’s room for two little passengers (total maximum weight 59 kg) in this tough backyard navigator, with a roomy truck bed and a working lift-and-lower tailgate. There are two drive speeds (4 and 8 kph), with a lock-out on the higher speed for those new to the driver’s seat. One of the trucks is grey, the other is black.
Here’s the hitch: There are ONLY 100 chances to win!
o Enter by e-transfer to
o Each square on our Christmas Raffle board is $20.
o Each multiple of $20 counts as an entry.
o Once the board is full, that’s it!
o We’ll be drawing TWO winning squares on Dec. 22.
o Winner must arrange pickup ON OR BEFORE Dec. 23.
o First winner to pick up may select the vehicle of their choice.
Good luck!
[Alberta raffle license #569881. Entries available only in Alberta.]
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